Modern Day Crimes

A Safe House

It is without doubt that one day we hope to establish a ‘safe house’ in Cambodia. If you have not read OUR STORY you should do so!

What is a safe house anyway?

When someone has escaped from their captors, or been rescued and freed after being trafficked for any length of time, they need a place where they can feel safe.  A safe place.  A ‘safe house’ in fact.  A place where they can get the help, support they need in order to reintegrate back into society. Counselling may be required. A qualified psychologist may be needed along with other support to aid that individual, depending on their needs.  Often, their own families will not take them back into their homes or welcome them into the community – being too ashamed of what their child has done.

A safe-house could be a temporary or even permanent place for some, providing everything that person needs to rebuild their lives.  

There are hundreds of organisations across Cambodia and South-East Asia who are working against human trafficking.  Some organisations work with local law enforcement to rescue children while some repatriate them back to their home, to their family or to a safe house where they can begin the long road to recover.

Two years ago (2018), as I visited a small school in the region of Mondulkiri, Cambodia, I found myself being transported into the future.  As I entered the gates of this small two-story house, aka. ‘primary school’ (pictured below), I felt a strong impression from God that this is how the safe house might look.  Not necessarily the location, but filled with children and young people who are being supported in order to leave their past behind.  I took a image of that moment, of that scene in my mind, something that I will call upon again when the time is right.

I remember tears welling up in my eyes (as they are now), the emotions building as I consider, wonder or even fight against what God is calling me to do.  I know that God wants me to do this.  I know that he will open the doors and make the way possible.  As this moment, taking the right steps, slowly and in time is critical.






For the moment, we are not raising funds towards the safe-house, however, when the right time comes, we will let you know.

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