Modern Day Crimes


We are not asking for donations right now.  Although establishing a safe house will take tremendous resources and indeed commitment, this we believe may well be the easier part (with your help of course).  

We believe that if we create a strong network of people, those who are interested in supporting this cause, raising awareness about human trafficking – the rest will simply happen.

So, for the moment, we simply need you to connect with us on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE, sharing the content that you find there.

That’s it!

Will you do that for us?  For those who have been trafficked?  For those who will be trafficked?  For those who have been rescued and saved?

Thank you for being a small part of a huge problem that cannot and will not ever be fixed without everyone working, collaborating and partnering together.

If however, you feel compelled to make a donation whether one-off or regular, please feel free to contact us here.