Modern Day Crimes


In 1997, as I sat in a full auditorium, of 300+ young adults listening to stories after stories of volunteers around the world, a cold and very apparent chill came over me.  I had just heard possible the most harrowing story I had ever heard.  Surprising maybe, but it rooted itself deep in my heart, my soul.  It troubled me!   At that very moment, instantaneously I made two decisions.  I decided that I would go to Cambodia and that one day, I would establish a ‘safe-house’ for girls who had been trafficked for sex but rescued/escaped and needed some kind of integration back into society.

Sujoya (my now wife) and I, spent 10 month in Cambodia as volunteers in 2002-2003.  Cambodia stole our hearts and as a result our three children have Khmer middle names!  We have committed our lives, our finances and indeed our future to helping those who have been trafficked in some way.

We know that we would like to establish a safe-house, but we really don’t know exactly where to start.  We have very little experience in this field, but we have a great deal of drive, desire and passion.  We need help, guidance and support from those who have experience.  We need to collaborate and partner together!

Can you help us?